The price of Zeniq Coin exploded

Zeniq Coin Review by Arthur on 26 Apr 2021 review stating Zeniq Coin

As an investor I find Zeniq coin as a very optimistic investment. Zeniq Company introduced so called „zeniq HUB“ and to be honest this idea is simply awesome!
It’s a hardware wallet, access point to zeniq exchange and on top of that it mintes zeniq coins. Cool! Therefore Zeniq Coin represents projects status and as far as I’m concerned it looks good, really good!
The price of Zeniq Coin exploded from 0.02$ up to around 0.40$ in just few days. So the way I see things – the price will go up.
It is very easy to acquire a Zeniq Coin.
You can buy it on exchange or invest in zeniq hub.
In my opinion this project will be very successful in the nearest future (by the end of 2021), because zeniq company is the first to introduce such a device (hub) to the world. It will be noted by everyone!

More details on ZENIQ/Safir here:

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