Zeniq ==> Dubai blockchain leader to launch its first cutting-edge tokenization platform

Was bedeutet übergreifend?
ZENIQ hat seine eigene Blockchain (Buchhaltung). Diese funktioniert Blockchain-übergreifend und somit z.B. mit der ETH-Blockchain, der Binance-Chain, Tron-Blockchain, Matic-BlockChain und vielen anderen.

Bis zu 50.000 TPS (Transaktion pro Sekunde)

Dezentrale Exchange auf der ZENIQ-Blockchain

2 Firmen:


2. SAFIR (Hardwarevertriebsfirma)

Safir ist die MarketingTochterfirma von Zeniq


  • Best fee conditions
  • Free transfers
  • Euro stablecoin with fixed €0.01 transaction fee
  • Cross-blockchain (Ethereum, Binance Chain, TronChain, etc.)
  • First exchange of its kind, no more “wrapping” required
  • Compatible for all coins and tokens
  • Numerous other digital assets tradable

Anmeldung hier: https://safir.com/ref/uqjqp24epm

How To Join ZENIQ

Click on the link to sign up with ZENIQ: safir.com/ref/ uqjqp24epm

Video deutsch zu ZENIQ:

Häufige Fragen zu ZENIQ/SAFIR: https://safir-marketingtool.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/ZENIQ-FAQ.pdf

Was ist das Besondere an der ZENIQ Exchange?

Die ZENIQ Exchange wird einige einzigartige Funktionen aufweisen, die für den
Kunden einen deutlichen Mehrwert darstellen. Im Vergleich zu anderen Märkten und
Exchanges werden die Transaktionsgebühren für ZENIQ sehr niedrig sein, was
erwartungsgemäß zum Umsatzwachstum und der Gewinnsteigerung der ZENIQ
Exchange beitragen wird. Besitzer von ZENIQ Coins werden durch das
Gebührenmodell bevorzugt behandelt. Eines der zukünftigen Hauptmerkmale der
Nutzung der ZENIQ Exchange ist die nahtlose Integration von FIAT-Währungen via
IBAN-Konten, welche auch SEPA-Transaktionen ermöglichen. Auszahlungen sind
somit gebührenfrei und der ZENIQ Hub bietet zusätzlich hervorragende weitere
Anwendungsmöglichkeiten mit noch nie dagewesenen Sicherheitsstandards. Darüber
hinaus ist es unser Hauptziel, alle Funktionen des ZENIQ „Finanz- Ökosystems“ für
unsere Kunden mobil, einfach und sicher zugänglich zu machen.

Pressemitteilung: https://www.zawya.com/mena/en/press-releases/story/Dubai_blockchain_leader_to_launch_its_first_cuttingedge_tokenization_platform-ZAWYA20210919101416/



I had a great experience with Zeniq. I’ve been with this company for 1 years and I’m really impressed by the work they’ve put into the platform. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in lots of educational moments every month which has improved my trading confidence significantly.

OCS International Finance Ltd (“OCS”) is a financial and investment services provider located in the heart of Dubai’s International Financial Centre. OCS was incorporated in February 2021 and is licensed and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority as a Category 3C entity. OCS provides boutique investment services, specializing in business arrangements, financial advising, and client asset management in the Gulf region and internationally.

The OCS network spans around the globe and promotes strong relationships with clients and financial institutions in some of the world’s most prestigious business centres. https://ocs-finance.net/en/about-us/

ZENIQ Exchange

As a decentralized exchange the main focus of the ZENIQ Exchange is on security, privacy and an easy to use hardware for customers. ZENIQ empowers their community to trade across any crypto assets safely and simply.

ZENIQ offers a fast and secure way to manage and trade all categories of crypto assets by using advantages of a decentralized exchange. On the other hand ZENIQ is eliminating the disadvantages of current centralized solutions on the market using its own decentralized blockchain.

  • No more expensive fees
  • Best exchange rates
  • Wire transfer no fee
  • Optional IBAN link

Launching approx. in the first quarter of 2022

ZENIQ Exchange is The Next Generation of Digital Asset Management

ZENIQ does research & development to create innovative products and services based on fintech and blockchain technology and is licensing selected partners to use and distribute these innovations globally

The high level of trust and security is guaranteed by its outstanding USP the ZENIQ HUB.

ZENIQ will become the most popular portal for digital investments in a few years and will be one of the top exchanges in the world with the decentralized ZENIQ Exchange.

ZENIQ is a blockchain ecosystem for decentralized finance technology

Partnerschaft mit AVINOC https://avinoc.com/ mit dem avinoc-Token

The AVINOC Token

The AVINOC Token is the operating resource, the ‚fuel‘ for all tokenization projects of Avinoc.

Your Zeniq-Hubs mint ZENIQ coins every day, and they will do so for approximately 20 years, taking into account the smooth halving in time and the smooth halving in the Hub sales.

When you share with others the opportunities of ZENIQ products and the entire ecosystem, the Safir Marketing Program rewards you with a commission from selling ZENIQ products to your Partners, thanks to which they earn ZENIQ coins from first day.

Product prices are in EURO, so commissions earned are also in EURO.

You can use this commission:

  • to buy more Hubs (Shop tab) to mint more ZENIQ coins for you
  • for transfers to other accounts, e.g. your Partners, friends (Coupon tab)
  • for payout (tab Walllet >> Withdraw)

ZenIQ, an account-based marketing (ABM) orchestration solution, has raised $4.6 million in funding from Costanoa Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. The company plans to use the investment to expand on their ABM offerings.

ZenIQ uses data science and artificial intelligence to combine account data, recommend best actions and automate tasks and programs most likely to drive account engagement. Current customers include Ayla Networks, CallidusCoud and Infoblox.

“We started to see this proliferation of tools and data sets, and none of them were really talking to each other,” said Matt Garratt, VP of Salesforce Ventures and Corporate Development at Salesforce, in a statement. “What we’ve really been looking for—and the way we’ve thought about this space in general—is how to get a lot of these enterprise applications working where you get workflows that connect one to the other to gain a unified view of the customer and a unified data set. What we thought was very interesting and compelling when we decided to invest in ZenIQ was that they flipped that whole paradigm. They said users can aggregate the data sets they’re using and [ZenIQ] can flow that into whatever tools they’re using today.”

“Costanoa is no stranger to account-based marketing with investments in ABM names such as Demandbase,” stated Greg Sands, Founder and Managing Partner, Costanoa Ventures, in a statement. “This investment in ZenIQ comes at a time when marketers are looking for direction on where to place their bets in account-based marketing technologies.”

Account Based Marketing


Account Based Marketing bezeichnet eine strategische Form des B2B-Marketing. Dabei werden relevante Unternehmenskunden als sogenannte „Target Accounts“ betrachtet. Diese werden identifiziert, qualifiziert und personalisiert angegangen. Wikipedia

There are 11 effective tactics to use with your account-based marketing strategy.

No. 1: Develop prospect-specific offers

One key to account-based marketing is relevance and personalization. There are often a small number of target accounts in a typical account-based marketing program, so campaigns and offers need to deliver high conversion rates.

One idea is to personalize content marketing efforts by creating offers that are built specifically for a particular target account. Most potential buyers feel compelled to open that personalized report because it’s so valuable.

No. 2: Develop offers designed to get meetings

A full 99.9% of marketers create offers designed to generate leads from webinars and white papers. These help sales get prospects to agree to a meeting. For example, a social analytics company could offer an hour-long live research report analyzing a business’ social media efforts versus their competitors. Other examples include free technology assessments or security audits designed.

No. 3: Use retargeting to keep your brand in front of accounts

Retargeting is a great way to repeatedly engage a specific account as its employees consume online content. Some retargeting innovations are directly applicable to account-based marketing programs.

Demandbase, for example. has an account-based insight and targeting offering that uses IP addresses to identify a vendor’s target accounts as they search the internet. When these accounts visit a site in the network of properties that host Demandbase advertisements, they are served the vendor’s advertisement. Other B2B retargeting companies include Bizo and Retargeter.

No. 4: Personalize the account’s experience on your website

Given the targeted nature of account-based marketing, it’s critical that programs deliver high conversion rates. Personalizing landing pages is one effective tactic for doing this. Marketers can create account-specific landing pages that display custom copy, images, offers and forms depending on the person or account that is visiting the landing page.

Personalization tactics can include displaying the name of the visitor on the landing page — but be careful, as some prospects may find this overly intrusive.

No. 5: Create sales territories designed to convert

In the past, sales territories were often assigned based on fairness or equality, but what if you could assign salespeople to a specific territory based on their likelihood to close a deal? Social proximity territory planning is a practice where an organization assigns its reps to specific accounts based on the quality and quantity of their social connections. Other territory planning options can be based on previous selling relationships or past sales history.

No. 6: Test direct mail with executives

As digital marketing rose in popularity, direct mail was left for dead. However, direct mail is still an effective option to reach targeted groups of executives. Why? Because many executives don’t register for webinars or white papers, respond to unsolicited emails, or follow companies and salespeople on Twitter. For example, in advance of a big conference, one company sent empty iPad boxes to top executives with a note to come by the event booth to receive the iPad. It worked — many recipients came by to interact with the business.

No. 7: Use social intelligence to understand what matters to prospects

A core tenet of account-based marketing is personalizing communications according to an account’s current initiatives and challenges. Companies evolve quickly so smart vendors monitor changes and trigger events at their target accounts.

One method is to subscribe to public information service like Google Alerts to understand what is happening at a company level. Another tactic is to monitor social activity.

Unlike PR-driven articles and press releases, social data is invaluable to the account-based marketing model. When creating the program, organizations should be agile and redirect or revise messages when new information is discovered. Sales applications for enterprise class social intelligence include InsideView or LinkedIn.

No. 8: Build a list of legitimate role-based contacts

There are vendors that can create lists based on role or responsibility and will guarantee that the contact is still active. This type of list build allows account-based models to seed the database with the right contacts. Titles often don’t tell people enough but with a role-based list, a company can request “the person in charge of IT infrastructure.” Companies such as Reachforce or Televerde can help build these types of lists.

No. 9: Purchase white paper and webinar leads for target accounts

In the past, when a buyer purchased leads from a media company, they were only allowed to filter by selects such as company size, title or geographic location. Recently, more online lead generation organizations allow companies to filter their lead purchases by company name. The cost-per-lead will be higher but it’s certainly worth the price for supporting account-based marketing efforts.

No. 10: Create a one-to-one C-level campaign

Organizations can assign employees the responsibility for cultivating relationships with specific buyer personas at their target accounts. C-level to C-level outreach is an effective tactic for this. The campaign can start with an email or direct mail from this person and follow up with a phone call.

The outreach should be personal and real, and mention the business reason these executives should connect. The organization should support all aspects of this campaign including writing the message. An inside salesperson can follow up with a phone call to the executive’s admin to set up a meeting.

After assigning the C-level executives, organizations can then assign VPs, inside sales reps and marketing to prospects at target accounts. The goal is to match relevant employees with the prospect’s relevant employees.

No. 11: Discover target account connections via non-sales employees

We often overlook the relationships other employees in the organization might have into target accounts. LinkedIn Sales Navigator, for example, has a feature called TeamLink that provides visibility into the connections other employees in your company have with contacts at your target account. Often, there may be a potential connection to leverage.

A lot of new and important information in the form of photos from the presentation at the First Safir Global Summit in Dubai, October 22-24, 2021.
Go here to the presentation:


The main points of the presentation:

  • Physical ZENIQ Hub
  • Safir Global DMCC – certificate of incorporation
  • His Highness Sheikh Saeed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum
  • Mag. Erwin Dokter, MBA – Chief Executive Officer & Member of the Board
  • Dr. Dr. Michael Ofner, MBA – Chief Operations Officer & Member of the Board
  • ZENIQ Technologies Ltd – certificate of incorporation
  • ZENIQ’s People & Strategic Partnerships
  • ZENIQ White Paper
  • Exchanges trading revenue (ZENIQ Exchange 2022)
  • Soon listing at CryptoCompare https://www.cryptocompare.com/
  • Coin vs. Token
  • ZENIQ Coin vs. ZENIQ Token
  • ZENIQ token on the Binance Smart Chain
  • Listing on PancakeSwap https://pancakeswap.finance/info/token/0x5b52bfb8062ce664d74bbcd4cd6dc7df53fd7233
  • Current status:
    • Total number of minted ZENIQ Coins wrapped to token: 29,000,000
    • Total number of transaction from backoffice to MetaMask/Uniswap: 9,108
    • Total number of Coin-(Token) holder on Uniswap: 5,004
    • Total number of people with installed ZENIQ APP: 17,600+
    • Total number of activated full nodes: 97,194
  • ZENIQ debit card
  • Hub roadmap and features list
  • ZENIQ APP upcoming features
  • ZENIQ Swap – the first DEX from ZENIQ
  • Effective duplication tools
  • Comparing “self-interpretation” with facts https://zeniq.com/fake-news/
  • Certified Promoter (activation by the end of November 2021)
  • Shopping with cryptocurrency
  • CoinwayWORLD https://coinwayworld.eu/
  • ZENIQ Coin on Crypto-ATM’s
  • ZENIQ payment (ZENIQ Pay)
  • Tokenization
  • Strategic Partners
  • ZENIQ Smart Chain
  • TUPAN – ZENIQ (blockchain and tokenization)
  • Expansion of the Hardware Portfolio
    • Blockchain-Tech
    • Energy-Tech
    • Health-Tech
  • iFibr – Health Technology to improve Sleep and Regeneration
  • Epigenetics – environmental factors (CCH: blog Knowledge for Freedom: https://blog.jacekpaciorek.com/mind-over-matter)
  • iFibr MedBed-S – available in November via SAFIR backoffice, price net EUR 1’490, same commission system
  • AVINOC – Aviation Network Operation Chain – tokenization https://avinoc.com
  • AVINOC on Uniswap https://info.uniswap.org/#/tokens/0xf1ca9cb74685755965c7458528a36934df52a3ef
  • Staking – sustainable income, start in December 2021
  • Staking in UNI-Level and Career Plan
  • Safir on Messengers – Telegram
  • Regular webinars for business builders, start in November 2021

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