CNEX is listed on LBank

About CNEX

CNEX exchange is the exchange which is for the community and by the community. It is the exchange where 50% of the exchange revenues are distributed between the community.

Features of CNEX exchange:

1) Distributed Revenues – 50% of their revenue will be redistributed to the community through a redistribution program. The top 50 holders of CNEX will get 20% of the revenue to be distributed.

2) Exchange Partner Program – Any user who holds more than 100,000 CNEX tokens will

be eligible for a partnership directly with CNexchange.

3) Quartery buy back and burn – Every quarter 10% of the funds that come to CNexchange will be used to buy back CNEX and will be burned permanently till the time the total supply is reduced to half i.e. 200 Mn.

4) POS Wallets & Masternodes Pool – They plan to be one of the first exchanges to support a Masternode pool as well as staking rewards for its customers with Masternodes Pool and POS Staking.

5) Forks & Airdrops – Users will have the power to decide if CNexchange will support a fork or not. They will also support Monthly Airdrops.


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