New coin for markethive

The Markethive coin is being renamed to HIVECOIN „HIVE“ and the satoshi will be called the „BEE“
It will take 100,000,000 BEEs to make a HIVECOIN.
The new coin designed is in the works and so is the new fractional coin BEE in the works.

The domain, and belong to Markethive.

As we prepare to release the wallet and getting listed on the exchanges, we move to the Cardano blockchain. Cardano’s system offers superior speed, drastically reduced fees (Ethereum Gas fees have become incredibly expensive). excellent support in co-developing our wallet and moving our entire system to the Cardano blockchain and both our companies are parallel in our mission.
Therefore we have decided to release our wallets with far less coin, a new name and look. Our coin symbol will be HIVE and our coins name with be called the Hivecoin. Our coin inventory will be reduced from 888 billion to 8 billion
(This is akin to us burning 88 billion coins).
This will not affect any members coin holdings in their Money Clips. What it will do is support greater coin value after our coins are released to the exchanges.

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