Minting contract

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Passive income for 10 years with your firsst minting contract combined with a minter

QCX Payment token for the present and the future

The QCX Token is listed on 4 Exchanges:

  • Bitmax
  • Bilaxy
  • Latoken
  • Hotbit

Join Eazme to open a minting contract on CNexchange:

What is Minting Contract?

A minting contract is a rewarding mechanism where CNexchange users who activate a Minting Contract are rewarded to store or buy tokens. Whosoever wants to activate Minting Contract enjoys various benefits. However, there are different rewards for different contract.

What are the different types of Minting Contracts and what are the benefits?

There are 4 different types of Minting Contracts listed below along with the advantages:

  • $500.00:      18% rewards annually

                             20 months validity

                             Annual leverage of 1.5x

  • $1000.00:    15% rewards annually

                             20 months validity

                             Annual leverage of 1.75x

  • $2500.00:    14% rewards annually

                             20 months validity

                             Annual leverage of 2x

  • $5000.00:    14% rewards annually

                             20 months validity

                             Annual leverage of 2.5x

How to activate the Minting contract?

To activate the Minting contract, the transaction needs to be made 60% in USDT and 40% in QCX. Upon the payment, the tokens worth the required Minting Contract that a user is purchasing, will be locked at the current exchange rate that will be valid for 20 months.

To purchase the Minting Contract, login into your CNExchange Account and click on Minting Contract. You will get an option of New Contract & Contract History. Click on New Contract and you will be taken to the [Minting Contract] page and you can choose from the different contract.

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